"Facilitating Positive Change"

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Bully Prevention Workshop

Bullying Prevention For Students, Staff &
Parents: From Awareness to Action

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The workshops provide research, activities, and specific strategies to prevent and address mistreatment to help students and adults address mistreatment so teachers, students, and parents can thrive. We can reduce discipline issues and improve the climate in our schools and beyond if we know what to do about the problem. It is important for everyone to be more than a bystander. We want everyone to know how to be an Upstander. Participants will…

  • Learn a clear definition of bullying and warning signs to look for
  • Better notice and understand bullying, cyber-bullying and other forms of mistreatment
  • Understand the impact mistreatment can have on students, staff, parents, and schools.

But these workshops go beyond the basics and provide:

  • Effective communication skills to prevent and address mistreatment that adults and students may encounter at school or elsewhere
  • Proven intervention strategies so you can address bullying and mistreatment on the spot, when it happens, so we can help the targets, aggressors and bystanders
  • Practical tools and tips including handouts with ideas, strategies, and lessons for effective on the spot intervention, creating a positive classroom climate, addressing cyber bullying and more.
  • Useful resources to learn more how everyone can prevent mistreatment and improve school climate.