"Facilitating Positive Change"

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Keynotes & Workshops

We work with you to make sure that our services are customized to best support your specific audience and needs. Our services provide you with tremendous value for your investment and will exceed your expectations.

Positive Youth Development Training

positive youth development training 2Youth development is the belief and practice in which adults engage youth as co-creators of their communities and their future. It seeks to ensure the well being of all children and adolescents and to prepare them for the responsibilities of being positive contributors to our communities as parents, business owners, workers, leaders and citizens.

Many have talked about the importance of valuing youth and empowering them to be partners in our communities. We provide coaching and training incorporating youth development research and strategies. Our training will show you not only the research that affirms the importance of positive youth development, but will also help you actually “do” youth development using effective techniques and grounded practices.

“Mr. John Linney’s knowledge, reliability, and positive attitude, make him an excellent guest speaker and trainer. His sessions were thoroughly engaging and I would highly recommend him.”

– Jennifer (Age 17, AmeriCorps Youth Member)

“I used to think that giving a child food, shelter and clothing was enough. I learned a great lesson today. I forgot how much I could give to them and how much they really need. Thank you for the boost and for opening our eyes.”

– Margarito (Grandfather raising his grandson).

“Expert knowledge of the assets and their implementation leads those people he trains to feel confident with implementing practical positive youth development strategies.”

– University of Texas at El Paso, AmeriCorps Program

“I do not hesitate to say that in our community, Mr. Linney has the most profound understanding of positive youth development and is the best presenter and educator on the subject.”

– YMCA Executive Director

Positive Youth Development Training for Educators

bullying prevention workshopThis educational, lively, and energizing training provides resources to create a positive school climate and to identify and strengthen the development of all students. The session includes strategies and practices, coaching, and hands-on activities to develop positive and healthy school campuses using the practices, programs, and relationships that are already present in your school. This training can focus on training and coaching all school members or be modified for a specific field of education such as teachers, administrators, guidance staff, parents, or others.

“Participation, humor, well-organized, positive and energizing…I am leaving motivated to help my students perform better which is going to make my teaching job more rewarding.”

– Teacher and Counselor

Youth Development and Faith-based Communities

Participants will identify how much positive youth development already taking place in their congregation, develop a youth-friendly environment, and strengthen youth building efforts in the congregation’s programs, activities and other areas supporting the mission of the congregation. We will customize this session to meet the needs of your congregation and its efforts to build value-based healthy youth. Youth will overcome barriers that inhibit their connections to each other, their congregations, and their communities.


Missions for Life

What is your personal mission? Mission statements guide us not just in our organizations but in our personal lives. We help individuals craft their missions to guide them towards a more fulfilled and satisfied life. If you or others around feel like a boat without a rudder, this learning session will help you communicate who you are to others and provide you with a tool for being more focused and fulfilled in every area of your life.

Partnership Building

Insight, tools, and practices that create functioning community partnerships designed to meet the needs of local communities whether they are just beginning to come together or if they need to get to the next level. Services can include the creation and strengthening of operating principles and advisory boards, running effective meetings, staff and leadership development training, marketing and sustainability planning and other critical practices for creating effective partnerships. This service is based on extensive experience and known best practices in the United States and Mexico.

Strategic Planning with a Purpose

This service provides organizations with critical planning tools and strategies for coming together to achieve meaningful results. This service facilitates the development of vision and mission statements, goals, and clear objectives and other tools for creating a foundation for making a difference.


Working with the Media: Effective Promotion and Staying on Message

This session focuses on providing participants with insight into how the media decides what is news, how to get media coverage, how to get a focused message out to the public, and how to conduct effective interviews on the radio or on camera. Participants will learn how to get the media to focus on their message. In addition, several participants have the opportunity for coaching and to interview on camera before and at the conclusion of the training to document their improved skills.

Tolerance and Diversity

Encourages individuals to recognize pre-judgments and understand how those judgments can interfere with their ability to be related to others and effectiveness in their community. Participants will come away with a better understanding of how they can be more effective in connecting to others in their community. This training can also be designed to address judgments of adults towards youth and youth towards other youth.

Jump the Barriers

This energetic and insightful learning session will help participants get past self-imposed limitations, and focus on what is possible for an organization and each individual. Participants will learn how to get past present problems, move towards a powerful future, and direct their energy on getting positive results in their professional and personal lives. Participants will gain breakthrough tools, positive insights, and practices that last.