"Facilitating Positive Change"

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Bullying Prevention

Innovative Bullying Prevention Strategies:

Interactive Skill Building Presentations & Workshops
For Staff, Parents, Students and Community Members

Participants will…

  • bullying prevention workshopBetter notice and understand bullying, cyber-bullying and other forms of mistreatment
  • Understand the impact mistreatment can have on students, schools and families.
  • Improve communication skills to prevent and address  mistreatment that students and adults might encounter at school or elsewhere
  • Learn practical strategies for addressing bullying and mistreatment on the spot, when it happens, so we can help the targets, aggressors and bystanders
  • Know how to partner with your school and students as allies in stopping bullying and mistreatment to strengthen existing efforts

What does it look like? Interactive sessions with presentation, conversation and activities that build awareness and provide practical strategies and skills to prevent, reduce and address bullying and other forms of mistreatment to create thriving youth climates.

“I don’t usually like workshops and trainings but in my 21 years as an educator this ranks at the top… John is engaging, entertaining, qualified and real.”

– Polk Middle School Teacher, Albuquerque, NM

Innovative Strategies for Bullying and Violence Prevention: From Awareness to Action

Too often adults are told to do something about bullying but have few tools to deal with it. It’s important for adults to know that mistreatment has many layers and need to know what to do about it.

This session provides research, activities, and specific intervention strategies for noticing, preventing and addressing youth on youth mistreatment. Participants raise their awareness and capacity to effectively deal with bullying, cruelty and violence. An ideal training for veteran and new educators alike.  (Also available for parents or students in classrooms and assembly settings.)

Safe School Ambassadors® Program

While students can and should be involved in all aspects of creating a safe school, the majority of students believe that they have only two options for making their school safer: turn away, ignore, and thus condone the hurtful acts they see, or “tell” on their peers.

The Ambassadors program gives them a needed third option: the training, skills, a nd support they need to intervene with their peers on the spot, in the moment, as potentially hurtful situations unfold.  Ambassadors not only prevent and stop acts of cruelty and reduce tension on campus, they also impact the attitudes and behaviors of bystanders, whose silent participation perpetuates a climate where abuse is tolerated.

The Safe School Ambassadors model (developed and offered through our partner Community Matters) equips student leaders and adults to create a campus of inclusion where all students can perform in a safe and welcoming environment. Our Director, John Linney, is co-author of “Safe School Ambassadors: Harnessing Student Power to Stop Bullying & Violence,” (2008) available online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.