"Facilitating Positive Change"

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Youth Development

“His knowledge of the issues related to border youth makes Mr. Linney and his organization a valuable resource and a crucial instrument for the successful development of youth intervention programs in our region.”

– Program Officer, Paso del Norte Health Foundation

  • We will help you to instill the ideals of positive youth development   to view youth as resources rather than as problems and use strength-based perspectives to develop youth. The positive youth development approach emphasizes fully preparing young people to succeed and contribute now; rather than simply focusing on stopping young people from engaging in risky behaviors.

  • When communities do this, they can reduce negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors. While some talk about empowering young people, few actually know how to do so effectively. We provide practical training and coaching for strengthening healthy youth development in schools, families, congregations, and communities based on over ten years of hands-on youth and community building experience.

  • Creating a positive climate by engaging, empowering, and equipping junior high and high school youth with tools to reduce bullying, intolerance, and violence through the Safe School Ambassadors program to train students to intervene with their peers in the moment as potentially hurtful situations unfold. Through these interventions the Ambassadors not only prevent and stop acts of cruelty and reduce tension, they also impact the attitudes and behaviors of the bystanders, whose silent participation perpetuates a climate where abuse is tolerated

Organizational & Community Development

“The accomplishments the Youth Empowerment Association have achieved in its five-year history is due to the effortless actions of Impact Associates. Without benefiting from their assistance, I believe YEA would not have witnessed such enduring progress.”

– Partnership Coordinator, Otero County, NM

  • Organizational, partnership, and neighborhood association development including strategic planning for moving from planning to action including vision & mission development, goals & objectives, strategies, and action plans.

  • Organizational strengthening including running effective meetings, developing operating principles, advisory boards, training, recruitment, and other needs.

  • Development, coordination and oversight of community and youth development initiatives for funding agencies and community organizations.

  • Management services for organizations of grant program requirements from funding institutions, day-to-day administration of operations, and the recruitment of qualified staff.

AmeriCorps Program Development & Improvement

  • Grant writing, planning, implementation, and evaluation of AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA and other National Service Programs with organizations and community partnerships. We have assisted community organizations with receiving over $2.5 million in AmeriCorps program assistance for improving their organizations, partnerships, and communities and improving lives.

Other Training

  • Media and promotion training that includes strategies for gaining media attention, developing effective communication tools, and coaching for presenting your message effectively on camera.

  • Motivational training that provides tools and insight for individuals and organizations to identify and get past perceived limits and move towards the abundant possibilities that are available for their organization and their community.

  • Leadership training and tools to equip leaders with understandings that generate effective and powerful leadership.

By the way, who did say that teasing, bullying and name calling has to be part of the adolescent life? Thanks for giving us a way to change that!